Revenue Growth for News Publishers

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We improve the business performance of news media

Managing a news business? Reach more people, increase ad revenues, subscriptions and more with Newsgain:



Let us evaluate the current performance of your news platforms.


Learn how your performance compares to others, and where to improve.



We’ll improve processes and platforms, preparing for growth.



Reach new audiences with improved platforms and fine-tuned content.

Increase Revenues

We’ll help you make more sales, increasing ad and subscription revenues.


Discover how to use your existing news platforms to launch new business.

Driven by seeing you succeed

Newsgain works on a revenue-share basis with many of its partners, meaning no up-front costs.

We’ll grow your total revenues together by making gains in these areas, and more:


Mobile App for News Publishers

Expand your mobile reach and engagement. Launched in January 2019, our app platform delivers:


Low mobile data usage


Integrated Analytics



Fast page loads


Sticky commenting bar



Built-in user registration


Swipe to next and previous

The app currently connects to WordPress-based websites only but can be adapted to other content management systems. Available for Android, with iOS version coming in March 2019.

Check Newsgain in Google Play here.

We Build Great News Websites

Newsgain can build a completely new website in WordPress for you, at no up-front cost, if:


You have a sizable audience



Your website is broken or hard to optimise



A new website will unlock your potential


We also offer ongoing maintenance and optimisation of WordPress news websites.

Not using WordPress? No problem! We work with many other Content Management Systems and technologies, and can cooperate with your developers to make improvements.

Read our case study about how Newsgain built a new website for a prominent Somali radio group.

As a Network Partner Manager of DoubleClick Ad Exchange (‘AdX’) from Google, qualifying Newsgain partners can access this premium ad platform.

Compared to Google AdSense, AdX offers greater options for optimising revenue yield, reaching premium advertisers and blocking unsuitable ads.

We use AdX as a primary source of ads for our partners because it delivers the best revenues in most markets.

Google Ad Manager

We can work with almost any ad server but we mostly use Google’s free offering, Ad Manager.

We will suggest the best ad placements for your news website, then provide all the code and configuration required.

Used with AdX and Newsgain Header Bidding, this is a powerful combination for making more ad revenue!

If your news website serves 10+ million ads per month, Newsgain can give you an extra revenue boost with Header Bidding.

Our solution is built on the Prebid.js framework.

Header Bidding creates a level playing field for presenting the most relevant and best paying ads to your visitors almost instantly.

Take advantage of our advanced ad technology and industry relationships, and we’ll implement and manage it.

With Newsgain Header Bidding, a number of ad platforms compete for each and every ad impression on your website.

This increased bid density pushes up your revenues. Nice!

Media Development


We’re also brought in to strengthen media businesses in situations where a revenue-share approach would not work due to audience levels, social mission, market conditions or political environment.

Since 2004, members of our team have consulted for media development organisations globally, helping exciting and important news businesses to get onto a path to success.

Most often, this is in countries that make the news business especially difficult. Whether it’s an emerging market, a fledgling democracy, dictatorship or war zone, this work is in our DNA.